The foundations of Erka Construction had been laid by Hicabi Karagoz in 1986 as a family company. In that period, lodging constructions had been realized at the Bahcelievler and Kagithane counties of Istanbul. Until 1999, lodging constructions had been realized at Bahcelievler, Kagithane and Beykoz counties.

The second generation period of the family has started in 1999 by the establishment of Erka Construction under the leadership of Architect Erol Karagoz. In between 1999 and 2009, contract works had been realized by the name Ida Construction in Turkey and with the name Almis Construction in Russian Federation which are the affiliates of Erka Construction. In Turkey, various bank branches and schools, and in Russian Federation, mass housing, villa and aqua park projects had been realized and delivered. By year 2010, Erka Construction has started to realize contract works for public institutions and private sector. Again in those periods, about 280 lodgings’ construction and delivery had been finalized at various areas of Kagithane county.

Erka Construction, along with the entry into force of Urban Transformation Act in 2012, has made this subject its expertise, and by year 2013, it had started to concentrate on Urban Transformation Projects at Kagithane and Kadikoy counties. Erka Construction’s projects with a lodging capacity of 950 at 8 different city blocks –in which it also has co-ownership- are continuing.